Old Relic US Korean War era M-1951 Cold Weather Combat Uniform (USED)

Old Relic US Korean War era M-1951 Cold Weather Combat Uniform (USED)
Old Relic US Korean War era M-1951 Cold Weather Combat Uniform (USED)
Old Relic US Korean War era M-1951 Cold Weather Combat Uniform (USED)
Old Relic US Korean War era M-1951 Cold Weather Combat Uniform (USED)
Old Relic US Korean War era M-1951 Cold Weather Combat Uniform (USED)
Old Relic US Korean War era M-1951 Cold Weather Combat Uniform (USED)

Old Relic US Korean War era M-1951 Cold Weather Combat Uniform (USED)

Most of the items are Korean War 1950 to 1953 era. The Canteen and Spat Leggings are WW2 vintage. The M-1950 Suspenders for the trousers is from the 1980s. There is a Cap Field Pile M-1951 that is size "7 1/4", and is dated 1951. There is a wool M-1951 "Korean War Shirt" that is dated 1953, and is size Medium.

There are some wool M-1951 Pants that are size Long Medium, but the Military marked out the "Long" and stamped a "Regular". The wool M-1951 Pants are dated 1953. There is a M-1951 Field Jacket that has the interior cold weather lining. The M-1951 Field Jacket is size Medium Long, and is dated 1952.

The Cold Weather Liner for the Field Jacket has had all the printed Quartermaster information fade away. There are some M-1951 Outer Shell Pants, that have the cold weather liner. The M-1951 Outer Shell Pants are size Regular X-Large, and are dated 1953.

The Cold Weather Liner for the Outer Shell Pants is size Large, and dated 1952. There is a separate M-1950 elastic suspenders for the pants, but they have a "DLA" Defense Logistics Administration stock number with a "-83-F" 1983 contract date. The elastic M-1950 Suspenders are from the 1980s, and are not Korean War vintage. There are some M-1951 Trigger Finger Mittens. The Trigger Finger Mittens have printed Quartermaster markings with 1951 and 1952 dates.

There are some separate extra wool inserts for the mittens, that might be WW2 to Korean War vintage. There is a M-1936 Pistol Belt that is has faded markings, and is Korean War vintage. There is a WW2 era M-1910 Canteen that is dated 1945. There is no Canteen Cup, I do not have any cup for the canteen. There is a Korean War era M-1910 Canteen Cover that is dated 1952.

There are some M-1938 Spat Leggings, that are size 2R, and dated "6-7-43". These items are all old, and in Used Condition with wear damage from use. They are no longer in the perfect condition that they once were in the day they were originally manufactured.

They are both damaged from having been used, and are also damaged from being old. Time slowly destroys old things. There is sun fading, dirt stains, rip hole damage, damaged zippers, missing snap parts, the metal parts are oxidized with rust, some buttons are missing, frayed cuffs, frayed edges, scratches, paint loss, dents, some items are missing the cold weather linings, etc. Expect the wool items to have Moth Hole Damage.

There will be a bunch of moth hole damage. These are old, damaged, used, relic items from another Century. Do not expect them to be in good condition at all. This is way too much stuff to be able to fit in one of those boxes. These items weigh around 20 Pounds LBS.

They will have to be mailed in a package around the size of 20 Inches, by 16 Inches, by 16 Inches. For Legal reasons, the items in this listing are stated as "Used Condition". What is a "Used Condition" item? It is an item that is in "Poor Terrible Condition".

They are better condition than "Dug Relic Condition" items. Items are no longer like how they were the day they were first manufactured.

Items have been used by someone Decades ago in another Century. Items will have defects and damage from having been used. The older something is, the worse the condition will be.

Wool items will have Moth holes. Expect Moth damage to old wool items.

Expect clothing to have dirt stains, frayed cuffs and collars. Expect there to be Mildew and Mold damage stains. Expect buttons to be broken or missing.

Expect zippers to be broken and non functional. Expect size tags to be missing or damaged. Expect leather items to be dried out and cracked. Hats will be crushed and bent out of shape. Do not expect clothing to fit you, it is not your size. Expect oxidation and rust on the metal parts. Expect items to be faded from having been exposed to sun light.

Expect metal items to have dents, scratches, and paint loss. Expect items to have microscopic fractures when looked at under a microscope. Expect Electronic items to no longer work or be functional.

These items are old and things slowly get destroyed by time. Please do not expect something in "New Condition", or "Good Condition". These items are in "Used Condition", and are Relics from another Century. The vintage items I list for sale are not wearable clothing, or usable items. These items are old and damaged from use.

The item was rough weighed in an open box. I have mailed items in the past to: Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Malta, Hungry, Belgium, Taiwan, etc. The local Post Office gives those boxes out to use. They have lost items I have mailed. It takes between 3 to 5 days for funds to transfer to my bank account.

I'm trying to be 100% up front and honest. I mostly only leave other people feedback after they leave me feedback. Chances are, if you don't leave me any feedback I'll probably not leave you any either. I try to be 100% Honest and show photos and describe items the best I can. Items tend to be old, used, and as is. I don't want to talk to anyone at all on here. I will try to bother to be nice, and answer your question.

If I see a size marking on an old Quartermaster Tag, I will try to show a photo of it. If I say that I do not know the size, than please do not waste both of our time by asking about the size of an old militaria collectable. They are old damaged relics in poor condition. I also tend to have items packaged away to try and keep moths from eating them.

I only dig them out if they sell and need to be mailed. Please do not ask me to take more photos, because I won't take any more photos of things I have already stored away.

Old Relic US Korean War era M-1951 Cold Weather Combat Uniform (USED)

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